Welcome to Carley Rawes Centre website.

Carley Rawes Centre is dedicated to serving young adults who are living with the chaos and numbness of depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.  Reaching out for help is difficult, and it might be the first and hardest, but ultimately the most rewarding step that you have ever taken. At Carley Rawes Centre, we are a group of caring professionals who will help you to confront your feelings, develop tools and learn new skills to fight your negative feelings head on.  Our therapists come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and we will match you with the person who best suits your needs.  You can have therapy face to face, or on-line, whichever works the best for you.  Our fees are structured to be affordable for you.

Consumed by worry, stuck in a dark and confusing place, distanced, isolated, exhausted, lonely, overwhelmed and unable to cope are terrible places to be. These are just some of the ways depression and anxiety have been described, and however you might experience or explain them, they rob you of joy, and make life feel far more challenging than it should be.  There is hope though!

Carley was my young, talented, funny, vibrant, beautiful cousin.  Depression darkened her life and made living in a full, happy way impossible.  It is in her memory, her honour, that the Carley Rawes Centre was founded.

Our mission is to help people just like you and Carley to find a glimmer of hope, and kindle it so that it glows with enough brightness for you to move forward toward a better space.


“Hope…for when life seems too hard.”