Supervision and internship opportunities

Tracey is a CRPO Supervisor, a Provisional Supervisor-Educator with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, and regularly supervises interns from Yorkville University. On-site supervision gives you the opportunity to gain experience in an acute care, walk-in setting, as well as to develop longer term therapeutic relationships with individuals, couples and families. You will become part of a wonderful staff of therapists and begin to understand the intricacies, challenges, successes and growth required to operate a successful private practice.

If you require supervision in a setting that does not have CRPO Supervisor on site, we can arrange that too! Meetings can be held either on-site, on-line or by telephone.

Since COVID-19 has impacted the safe delivery of face to face psychotherapy and supervision, we have been providing online, or virtual therapy. It has added a new dimension to our work, making the experience richer.

Contact Tracey for more information:

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